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Forgers of worlds


The World Anvil is a small indie RPG label designing original tabletop games with a distinctly European twist. Our production team lives between Finland and Italy, bringing together the operational reliability of the Nordics and the creativity of Italian RPG design.

Our games are already available in Italian.

We are now gearing up for our glorious debut on the English-speaking market.


Broken Tales - The Late Pledge is Open!

Once upon a time, a child saved the world of fairy tales; his reward was a wish. The One who Plots in the Shadows saw an opportunity and tarnished the child’s heart, whispering to his ear a corrupted idea. The child asked the King of Fairy Tales a new life for the villains, relegated by centuries to be antagonists. This was to be their shot at redemption. But any light needs a shadow, and that was how the villains became good, and the good guys became evil in exchange. There and then, all fairy tales shattered.

Broken Tales is a dark Tabletop RPG of upside-down fairy tales, where villains seek redemption, and nothing is how you remember it. Our Kickstarter is over, and 2442% funded! For a limited time, you can still get all the campaign exclusives taking part in the Late Pledge.

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Broken Tales reinterprets traditional fairytales through a dark lens, upending their premises. Players belong to the Order, a secret group operating on behalf of the Papacy, whose duty is to investigate events and threats beyond human understanding. [More info]


Born from the collaboration between The World Anvil and Black Box Games Evolution Pulse Rebirth re-imagines the Evolution Pulse sci-fi universe as an ancient, grim fantasy world where Hekaths are gods leading and ruling humanity. [More info]

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