Tommaso De Benetti works as Content Strategist freelancer. In his “free time” he runs podcasts and writes games. In 2015 he decided to turn his passion for unplugged gaming into a small label: The World Anvil. With 25+ years of gaming experience under his belt, he’s confident you’ll be blown away by what The World Anvil is developing.


Enrico Pasotti's imagination is a deep, dark well from which weird things emerge at night. Part-time musician and long-time contributor of edgy scripts to Hive Division, he accepted the challenge of summoning stories and characters from his fertile mind and featuring them in the products developed by The World Anvil. For no apparent reason, he also made a vow of chastity until we achieve total victory – so we better hurry!


While still young, he starts to study the forgotten building arts of his ancestors. It's then that his interest in martial arts becomes more acute, pushing him to physically train in parallel to his technical studies. Thanks to his new powers, he learns about the Loggia degli Irrealisti, a historical RPG  cell operating in the Treviso Area. After the enlightenment, he started to spend his days between the Builders' Guild and the Loggia, never ceasing to explore new universes, colonize new worlds and experimenting with RPG design. He feels that now he needs to put all this in service of The World Anvil