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“I want to look like a demon in the eyes of those fools.”


Today we’ll take a look at the first Hunter you’ll find in the Broken Tales Quickstart, available from early April: Baba Yaga, the Child Witch, illustrated by Daniel Comerci! (Yep, the caption on the image hasn’t been updated yet because we’re in the middle of editing – it’s also great to practice your Italian skills :P).

I am a child witch and my power is equal only to my ambition. I did not have a childhood, for I was born already aware of my abilities. To most I seem cynical and cruel. That is because they do not understand they are pawns, insignificant pieces in the bloody games which witches and warlocks play. The Order does not look down on my age, which is why it has given me the leadership I deserve.

Baba Yaga will feature Gifts (special abilities) linked to these Descriptors:

  • I am a sorceress, and my magical powers allow me to do whatever I want. I need the right amount of time to cast my spells.
  • I am very skilled in reading people. That is why the Order has chosen me as leader of the Hunters. I love manipulating people, and I often do it merely to amuse myself.
  • Like any respectable sorceress, I carry my trusty bag full of herbs, poisons, and all kinds of magical tools. My childlike appearance is often useful, but sometimes it leads others to underestimate me. I hate that. 

We’ll tell you more about the mechanical effects of Gifts in the Quickstart.

Design Diary

We want to open up the Hunters design a bit. Broken Tales’ author Alberto Tronchi says:

“Like all the other Hunters you’ll find in Broken Tales, Baba Yaga underwent a ‘breaking process,’ meaning that we created a new identity for her using her stories as the main source of inspiration.

Baba Yaga is a recurring figure in Slavic mythology, and according to the various stories, she possesses a range of powers and attributes.

Broken Tales flips the villain concepts: for Baba Yaga, keeping in mind that she’s usually depicted as an old hag, I thought it natural to make her a child instead. Simultaneously, some characteristics such as her magical powers have been preserved – she still is a great sorceress. The same is true for her being cynic and manipulative, even though her childlike appearance might not look so threatening at first glance…

Aren’t the Hunters supposed to be Villains in search of redemption? As you will see from the following updates, the Hunters are anti-heroes: they want to do the right thing, but they still hold some darkness in their hearts. Mechanically, her gifts make her very capable with magic; her Shadow Self Gift, The Evil Witch, will allow her to unleash all her fury – a sight to behold for both beasts and men.”

The Kickstarter campaign of Broken Tales starts in May. If you missed the announcement, you can find it here.