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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, a child saved the world of fairytales. His reward was a wish. The One Who Plots in the Shadows saw an opportunity to tarnish the child’s heart, whispering to him a corrupted idea. The child asked the King of Fairytales that the Villains, accursed for centuries, be granted a new life. This was to be their chance for redemption. This was how the Villains became good. But any light needs a shadow, and in turn, the Heroes became evil. At that moment, all fairytales were shattered.

Broken Tales

Broken Tales reinterprets traditional fairy tales through a dark lens, upending their premises. Players belong to the Order, a secret group operating on behalf of the Papacy, whose duty is to investigate events and threats beyond human understanding. An eerie 1700’s Europe becomes the background for these unusual heroes – villains from various fairy tales, now acting as protagonists in the new reality shaped by the Child Saviour.

Villains are the heroes – and they are different from how you remember them. As members of the Order, they’ll face the horror of the Broken Ones, reliving stories you only think you’re familiar with.

Broken Tales is the first international collaboration between The World Anvil Publishing and Black Box Games and will launch on Kickstarter in May.

The core pledge will include:

  • A full color, 120+ pages Core Book illustrated by Daniel Comerci (Kult, Shadowrun, Nova Aetas, Low Fantasy Gaming, and others) and is written by Alberto Tronchi (Evolution Pulse and many more).
  • Five Character Sheets: Baba Yaga the Child Witch (inspired by Baba Yaga), Garou the Old Wolf (inspired by the Big Bad Wolf), Jack the Swordsman (inspired by Captain Hook), Regina the Lady of Hearts (inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland), The Amazing Pied Piper Without a Name (inspired by the Pied Piper of Hamelin)
  • The Fox and the Cat, two extra Characters (inspired by Pinocchio), exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign
  • References to use at the table
  • An illustrated jacket, inspired by vinyl record jackets, to carry all the Character Sheets and references 

Broken Tales uses Monad Echo, a game system that has been already tested in critically acclaimed games such as Evolution Pulse Rinascita (Rebirth) and Valraven: Le Cronache del Sangue e del Ferro. Broken Tales is perfect for One-Shots; we made it so that all the Characters’ rules fit on their respective sheets so that you can get to the game in the blink of an eye. 

We’ll have more details on playable Scenarios, Characters, Core Book content, and mechanics in the following updates.

What’s next?

A Broken Tales Quickstart will be available for free download in April. The Kickstarter campaign will start in May – you can already bookmark it HERE.