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“The Beast is on my trail.”


The second Hunter you’ll find in the Broken Tales Quickstart is James the Swordman, illustrated by Daniel Comerci!

I have been a lot of things in my life: ship captain, duelist of great renown, and lover of the most beautiful noblewomen. After years of success and victories, a mysterious child defeated me with deception. That despicable boy led me into the lair of a dangerous Beast and, after imprisoning me, left me to be eaten by the monster. I survived, though I lost a hand… I know for certain that he who I seek is no human, and I joined the Order to hunt down the child I hate above all else, and thus have my revenge.

James will feature Gifts (special abilities) linked to these Descriptors:

  • I am a skilled swordsman and possess fine manners, which is why the Order considers me an excellent candidate to move among High Society. I love indulging in good food and dissolute company.
  • I have learned to face monsters and aberrations without being intimidated. The Beast is on my trail because, having tasted my flesh, it can no longer do without it…
  • I am a man of the world and nothing can really surprise me anymore. I never question myself. After all, I am the best at what I do.

We’ll tell you more about the mechanical effects of Gifts in the Broken Tales Quickstart (it’s just a couple of weeks away!).

Design Diary

Like for the previous Hunter, we asked Alberto Tronchi, Broken Tales primary author, to open up his development process:

“With James, I decided to focus on the ‘romantic’ aspect of the character. He’s a man of the world, skilled at sword fighting and in some respect vain.

The Broken Tales setting inspired me to depict James as a great duelist rather than a pirate, which makes him more fit for the posh drawing rooms of 18th century Europe. I wanted to flip the perspective a bit, but I must say that even the original character alternates between an uncaring attitude and a personal sense of justice.

Hook hates losing, and this remains in James the Swordman: revenge against this mysterious boy who defeated him with deception is the strongest drive of the character. It’s also what makes his Dark Ego surface, as one of his Gifts is called I will have my Satisfaction. I found the idea of having this beast that follows him around to finish its meal fun. One of his Gifts makes use of that: you can use the monster as a resource during the game to disrupt a situation, but you’ll have to figure out how to get rid of it afterward.”

The next update will not introduce a new Character but rather an illustrious international campaign guest. Stay tuned…

The Kickstarter campaign of Broken Tales starts in May. If you missed the announcement, you can find it here.