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“There’s always an ace up my sleeve.”


Now that the Broken Tales Quickstart is available, you’ve already acquainted yourself with Garou, the Old Wolf, and the Astonishing Pied Piper without a Name. Today we take a look at Regina, the Thief of Hearts, a Hunter you’ll find only in the complete Core Book of Broken Tales. You might know her as the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Leadership is my vocation, and I have always surrounded myself with faithful followers ready to do anything for my every whim. If you are not of noble birth, like me, you know power must be conquered at any price. I ruled the ranks of entire gangs and broke the hearts of both men and women; each time, I left searching for something more. Because power is never enough, and I always want more. The Order has given me a new purpose, a new perspective to see reality, and new creatures to enthrall.

Regina will have Gifts (special abilities) tied to these Descriptors:

  • I am determined to get what I want, and nothing can get in my way. I can kill, crush or conquer anything I set eyes upon. As you can imagine, I sincerely hate being told ‘no’!
  • Thanks to my organizational skills and charisma, I always have an ace up my sleeve: followers ready to help me and allies owing me favors. Maintaining an empire of connections requires commitment and resources.
  • I have an enviable charm and love to dress up to fit the role I have chosen. Even when I work hard for it, I can’t go unnoticed.

You’ll find out more about Regina’s rules and mechanics in the Core Book of Broken Tales. We’ll reveal the launch date soon!

Design Diary

Alberto Tronchi, the designer of Broken Tales, explains the transformation of Regina:

“The Queen of Hearts is a very famous character, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most popular books enjoying alternative versions. For Broken Tales, I decided to focus on the concept of “wanting,” the ability to command and force others to carry out orders. Regina is no real queen in Broken Tales and cannot rely on her status to impress others.

Compared to her book counterpart, her breaking point here is to become strong and determined: capable of good leadership, always surrounded by faithful servants, but still leaning into her erratic nature. Regina’s Dark Ego power is called “As I desire!” and allows her to improve the abilities of her companions (but only if they follow her orders to the letter!) or to trap her enemies, making them less sure of what they are doing.

The most exciting feature that emerged from rewriting the character of Regina is her strong dualism: her imperious nature will inevitably lead her to interact with others but also to go beyond the classic tyrannical queen, for a more human characterization.”

Spoiler: the campaign is now less than a month away! Stay tuned for the next update!

The Kickstarter campaign of Broken Tales starts in May. If you missed the announcement, you can find it here.