Hi everyone!

Evolution Pulse Rebirth’s Free Quickstarter PDF is finally available: over 70 pages with everything you need to know about the setting’s ancient and feral world. Learn about the ten Castes and their struggle for survival under the alien gaze of the Divine Hekath Daru Sanru.

The Quickstart, as the Core Book, is written by Alberto Tronchi and illustrated by Daniel Comerci.

In the PDF you’ll find:

  • The basic rules of MONAD Echo to play your first game.
  • The settings pillars: everything you need to know about the mood and inner workings of the ancient and feral world of Evolution Pulse Rebirth.
  • The Miracle, a ready-to-play Scenario: at the service of the Divine Hierophant, you and your friends will get to explore the city of Telesketha, getting to know the mysterious characters inhabiting it.
  • Five pregen Characters, to use both with The Miracle or with another Scenario of your creation.

Enjoy and share the link with your friends and RPG communities!