Our latest title, Evolution Pulse Rinascita, was released on the Italian market in November 2019, enjoying great reviews and appreciations from both press and customers.

“An excellent product: it manages to mesh setting and rules quite perfectly.”


“Blending an ancient empire with tribal cultures makes the setting truly fascinating, while the Divine Hekaths make sure cosmic horror is well represented. It’s a plus then when the game makes the experience easy for both players and GM”.


“If you let it, it will conquer you.”

Tom’s Hardware Italia

In January 2021, the game will hit Kickstarter for an English translation, and rebrand as Evolution Pulse Rebirth in the process (because, well, Rinascita means Rebirth).

More details will be shared in the coming months.

You can learn more about the game on our game page, or sign up directly for updates and the upcoming Quickstart PDF from the button below.