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The campaign is set to start on May 5th, so we’re almost there! This is the final update before we unveil the rewards – exciting times. We have one last international guest to announce: Peter Chiykowski, creator of The Story Engine Deck (read below to learn more)!

Peter, writer by trade, will work on a Stretch Goal called The Returning Wolf. Did you ever ask yourself what happened to the Wolf from Red Riding Hood after his stomach was filled with heavy stones? Can you hear the wet sound of something emerging from the lake? No? Well, you will soon enough!

The Returning Wolf is a Dark Presence you’ll be able to drop in any Scenario at need.

The campaign starts May 5th!

The Story Engine Deck

The Story Engine Deck, funded on Kickstarter, is a writing tool allowing you to combine various categories of cards to create narrative hooks for RPGs, characters, and novels when you’re experiencing writer’s block. We liked the project so much that we made a custom deck for Evolution Pulse Rebirth (the core book is only in Italian for now, but feel free to check out the Quickstart). If you read Italian, you can download our custom deck from here. Peter is currently working on a new campaign. From the first previews, it looks like The Story Engine principles will be extended to a worldbuilding deck… to follow along, you can subscribe to Peter’s newsletter.