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Hi there, and welcome to the first preview of Broken Tales. First of all: the Quickstart is written, almost translated, and will soon be undergoing revision from a native speaker. After that, it will go straight to layout – we think we’ll have it ready by early April. 

Today we want to discuss the three Scenarios you’ll find on Day 1 of the campaign on the Core Book of Broken Tales. We have much more in store, but let’s start from the basics, shall we? You know these fairytales well, but there’s a twist. These versions are stripped down to their raw ingredients and re-written into much darker storylines…

Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio. Three fairytales we have broken and re-imagined. 

In Broken Tales, fairytales become game Scenarios. The Hunters (our Protagonists) face a twisted version of the traditional storylines, solving mysteries and facing the terrifying Broken Ones on behalf of the Order. Disoriented? Don’t worry – we’ll explain every detail before the campaign starts in early May.

For today, let’s just take a look at the synopses for the three Scenarios of the Core Book:

  • Red-Hood Iskra: the Durfurt village’s surroundings in France are hunted by dangerous and feral beasts. Gerard Dubois, a local nobleman who recently married Elizaveta of Volinia, is desperate for help. Unable to keep the villagers’ fears at bay, he writes a letter to the Papacy because “the beasts afflicting the Gevudan area are something outside of the grace of God.” A group of Hunters is sent to investigate…
  • The City of Pigs: the industrious city of Whitehaven is prospering under the guidance of Bardolf Green, a wealthy tycoon who invested his fortunes in the extraction of coal, employing most of the population in the nearby mines. Soon enough, the workforce exploitation and the low salaries favor the rise of an anarchic group called The Pig Heads, in allusion to the macabre masks they use to cover their faces. After a few kidnappings, murders, and worried about what happens in the dark of night, Bardolf writes to the Order to shine a light of hope in the dark galleries running under Whitehaven.
  • Of Flesh and Wood: the Hunters reach Sinalunga, a small town of the grand duchy of Tuscany. Not far from the village, inside an old well, a pile of mutilated corpses has been found. Disappearances in the area have been frequent for years, and now they all seem to have an answer. The Papacy, determined to find out what really happened, fears that an old ritual to animate inert matter could be behind the murders… 

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The Kickstarter campaign of Broken Tales starts in May. If you missed the announcement, you can find it HERE.