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Attention: Nostalgia: The Nomad Fleet is currently available only in Italian and Portuguese. We do have plans for an English edition of the game, but it might take a while. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

What is Nostalgia?

Nostalgia: The Nomad Fleet is the first chapter of a larger vision: the Nostalgia Cycle. The Nomad Fleet is the RPG equivalent of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: the first one to be released, but not the story's first chapter. As a matter of fact, our tale starts in the middle: many things have happened already, and much more is bound to happen.

While the plan for the Cycle is still not fully detailed and hence subject to changes, the idea is to publish three major settings along with various supplements whose goal will be to investigate many aspects of the universe where the game takes place.

The Nomad Fleet

In The Nomad Fleet part of mankind leaves a warring Earth and crowds in on the eight Arks of the Fleet. Men, synthetics and other beings start a dangerous journey towards an unknown destination: an easy choice when the alternative is certain death. What the first settlers need to deal with are bleak and empty metallic halls, but in time the Arks will be shaped and hacked to become the nests of a new civilization.

Millennia go by, and Earth is forgotten. In the Arks, new races appear and other vanish. A new culture throbs like a living heart under the mute and cold scrutiny of the cosmos. The Nomad Fleet is the account of the genesis, rise, corruption and collapse of this New Order.

When the game starts, the Fleet is already divided in isolated, autarkic worlds, weary of each other.

The first (current) edition of Nostalgia: The Nomad Fleet is a MONAD System setting.

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