The MONAD System

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Attention: the MONAD System is currently available only in Italian and Portuguese. We currently have no plans for an English translation. As of November 2019, a streamlined version of the system, called MONAD Echo, is included in most of our settings. Sign up to our newsletter if you'd like to learn more about Echo-based projects.

What is the MONAD System?

The MONAD System is a generic RPG system focused on interpretation, narration and resource management. The first edition of Nostalgia: The Nomad Fleet, and our other settings Dead Air: I Giorni della Piaga and Endelstrom (both untranslated) all use the MONAD System.

MONAD System's rules are designed to tackle a wide range of home-made and published settings, including sci-fi universes, fantasy worlds, cosmic horror campaigns, and more.

The system is explicitly catering to experienced GMs and players who possess a passion for complex, multifaceted characters.

Reasons to give it a go

  1. Deep mechanics, yet easy to explain: core mechanics can be explained to players within minutes, but the system offers depth for more demanding players.
  2. The system encourages roleplay linking advancements to the character's objectives, ties, convictions, and stances.
  3. Combat is deadly, cinematic and brutal: not a formality, but a calculated risk.
  4. Choices and strategy matter and wise resource management is key. Knowing when to risk and when to play it safe is part of the game.
  5. Tests can be overcome in three different and complementary ways: being the character, managing resources or rolling dice.
  6. Encourages co-creation: a deep Backgrounds system allows the creation of history-rich characters with immediate impact on the story. REM Cards also offer players the opportunity to surprise the GM and rewrite some parts of the story outside of the general narrative.
  7. Roles are flexible: everybody can learn to do everything, with some practical restrictions based on archetypes, story, and setting.
  8. A betting system keeps players on their toes while they watch the most crucial events unfold.

Developed with Creative Commons

The MONAD System is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-SA).

Free and commercial expansions or adventures can be published without any additional license or permission. Core rules can be included in a commercial project with a license.

Available for commercial projects

If you're interested in the MONAD System and intend to include the core rules (or any variation) in a commercial project, including any sort of game that ends ups on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platforms, we need to work out a licensing deal.

We promise to be extremely reasonable especially if you're an indie developer. Get in touch for more details.

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