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We’re happy to announce that Petter Nallo, Creative Director of Kult: Divinity Lost will join the Broken Tales campaign for a unique Stretch Goal.

Petter will explore Tuvstarr‘s “breaking point”. In this Swedish fairytale, Princess Tuvstarr ventures into the woods with a Moose to see the world. Then dark and tragic things happen.

To give you a small preview of what’s to come, we’ll leave here one of John Bauer’s famous illustrations of Tuvstarr. It’s all very Swedish.

John Bauer (1882-1918), “Ännu sitter Tuvstarr kvar och ser undrande ner i vattnet”, 1913. Föremålets mått: 25 x 25 cm. Signatur: John Bauer 1913, övre vänstra hörnet. Anna Maria Matilda Thulin, född 1979-09-23. Fotograf på Malmö Museer, verksamhetsstart 2010.

The campaign starts May 5th!

Kult: Divinity Lost

While Kult doesn’t need an introduction, we can’t help but stress the game’s incredible influence on us as roleplayers and on horror RPGs in general. Divinity Lost, its latest incarnation, is by far our favorite – and to demonstrate it, here’s a small part of our Kult collection! You can learn more about Kult’s manuals and game materials on the Helmgast website.