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Welcome, stranger.

You might be wondering what The World Anvil actually is. To be honest, that’s still up for debate -- but we can at least try to explain what we think it isThe World Anvil is a small tabletop gaming label based somewhere betwixt Italy and Finland, born from the friendship and decade-long collaboration between Tommaso De Benetti and Enrico Pasotti. You can read more about us here.

After many years spent discussing, reviewing and analyzing video games, we decided to join forces and go back to “gaming’s roots”, where we felt we could best express our creativity and expertise in an impactful way.

As The World Anvil, we’re currently developing a few things: a board game called A Battle of Dwarves, a sci-fi RPG called Nostalgia: The Nomad Fleet, and a generic RPG system called the MONAD System. In addition to developing these IPs, we’re also exploring ways to make our creations available to the gaming community as professionally published products. Click here for more details.

We can’t wait to share our progress with you via a series of Dev Diaries that will be published in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of our daily experiences and get our thoughts on unplugged gaming.

The rest will come in time, but we promise you this: you’re in for one heck of a ride!